Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Wireless headphones to fall in love with

I've never really discovered a set of travel earphones that are the complete package. 

The smaller ones tend to fall out; or I get the wires tangled up. The bigger ones tend to be unwieldy, just too big to take on a day trip. 

That's when a fellow called Durant made contact telling me about his company Padmate's latest wireless earphone: PaMu, wireless headphones you can wear while climbing, or surfing. 

The PaMu is really rather good. For a starts it has a quickfire auto-pairing function - it was linked to my iPhone in seconds. 

You simply take the earbuds out of their charging box and are ready to go. 

There is intuitive touch control with a microphone – play music and take calls, all without taking your smartphone out of your pocket. There is a range of around 10 metres and the headphones work with all bluetooth-enabled units.  

The design means the comfortable buds stay in your ears, even if you are walking or jogging and an errgonomic design works to to keep rain and moisture out. And they are available in fashionable black or white. 

I would have liked a little more volume - but otherwise these are doing the job for me just fine. 

Here is the campaign link: www.indiegogo.com/projects/pamu-waterproof-wireless-earbuds-never-fall-out#/ Prices start from $29US online, plus postage. 


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